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Online Entertainment Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Levar Evans on BlogTalkRadio
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A fan made this for me!

Thank you soooo much!

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Erica and I at AVN


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Would you like to see a movie like this?

This would be a hit wouldn’t it?

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My Friend Ron

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Signing times at AVN Show

I’m in the HOTMOVIES booth guys! Come and see me and get a signed pic and a hug!

Wed/ Jan 15th 2-5PM PCT (Trade day only)
Thur/ Jan 16th 3-6PM PCT
Fri/ Jan 17th 3-6PM PCT
11PM HOST PARTY @ 1OAK in The Mirage
Sat/18th 12 noon – 3PM

wet-n-wild1 m

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Welcome to the Newest VNA Girl Trisha Uptown!

This is good news for all of our collective members! One more site for you to plunder! You may already know Trisha Uptown as a web babe and feature dancer or from VNA Live! With a brand new REDO she has just now added her official site to the roster of VNA Girls! Just one more reason (the 16th!) you need to join my site today!

Join the VNA where fans do become friends!

Our collective content is in the range of 3800+ videos, 400,000+ photos, 16 sites, 50+ free group shows per week, and 3300+ archives. One site is all you need! Mine! So join today!

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Also super thrilled to pick up a nomination from XBIZ for Best Actress – Parody Release for ‘Love Boat XXX’…. those awards take place on January 24, 2014 in Hollywood!

How cool is that?! All the BTS is right here at my site ….





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Super happy to announce that I was just nominated for TWO AVN Awards…. Best Actress & Best Tease at the upcoming 2014 AVN Awards to be held in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino on January 18. I am nominated for “The Stripper 2″. You can see a free preview of it at my Video on Demand site located right here!. There is a You Tube preview and nice review right here!

It’s a thrill to get nominated after taking a hiatus from adult… what a cum back! Don’t forget I WILL BE in Vegas for the AEE Show right before the Awards on January 15-18 at the Hot Movies Booth. Make sure you come see me there!! If you are a member of this site I will give you an extra special kiss xoxo.

Don’t forget, if you çan’t come to Vegas, I have a GREAT TIME here with members on Wednesdays live… get a members pass!



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My Interview with Wasteland

XXX Wasteland

Adult Industry News Items, Interviews and More

XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Sunny Lane

533368The adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” can most certainly be applied to Sunny Lane. Since returning from a self-imposed hiatus late last year, the strawberry blonde starlet has resumed her position as a XXX fan favorite, with adult consumers and industry members alike welcoming her back with open arms.

Sunny has tackled the second chapter of her porn career with the enthusiasm, positivity and love for her fans that has allowed the actress to maintain an enviable echelon of popularity both outside and within the industry since her 2005 debut. Pooled with a strong work ethic and level-headed intelligence, Lane undoubtedly possesses all the ingredients to reach legend status in the adult entertainment realm.

Sunny kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland at length on the evening of October 29 to discuss her return to the adult business, future career plans, appearing in the mainstream film Don Jon starring Joseph-Gordon Levitt and much more.

Lane can currently be seen in Will Ryder’s Love Boat XXX: A Parody and The Stripper, Volume 2 from Mile High Media.

Visit Sunny online at her official website, SunnyLaneLive.com, check out her on demand service,SunnyLaneVOD.com, follow the starlet on Twitter under the handle @SunnyLane and join her Facebook group at this link. Lane’s FreeOnes page is available for viewing here.

Sunny represents the Hustler Club in Las Vegas as the venue’s “resident porn star.” For information on how to book a package with the actress, please visit the club’s official webpage here.

You can read Lane’s May 2011 interview with XXX Wasteland at this link.

(Special thanks to Will Ryder. Photos #1 and #4 courtesy of Rick Garcia)

To begin, I understand you were here in Ontario a couple of weekends ago for the Everything to Do With Sex Show in addition to hosting a fetish ball this past weekend. Can you tell us about those events?

Sure, absolutely. I went to Toronto, Canada; it was the Everything to Do With Sex Show. HotMovies.combrought me out there, which is my SunnyLaneVOD.com, so people can get minute-per-minute or they can buy or rent my movie with no membership.

Usually, I go with Ron Jeremy, but he wasn’t able to make it – you know, my best buddy – and he had a scheduling conflict. So, I was out there with Claire Robbins – she’s a redhead who just got in the business, she’s done a little bit here and there.

So, I was signing with them and it was my first time being in Toronto. I had done the Everything to Do With Sex Show about five years ago and it was a whole different venue. This time, we were actually at the convention center.

I would have to say the coolest thing … you know, I have a blog on my website and so forth, so I was talking about how as you are walking into the convention and you’re seeing all the civilian people – the couples holding hands and they are building up to go into the show and they are anticipating it, and you can see that they are nervous. And then, when you are walking back or something – because I had to go back to my room each day to get some down time in between my signing time – I got to see firsthand the couples that are coming out of the show when I was walking back in, they would have their bags with goodies and you could tell that they were all turned on and really into sex and life and into each other. I thought that was really cool, like a social engagement to see people as they walk in and they’re nervous, and as they walk out they’re ready to jump each other’s bones and kissing all over each other.

It was really awesome to be in an open setting like Canada and everything is so legal and free. (Laughs)Awesome. We could actually show our boobs at the convention, we could show our pussy, we could get crazy – we brought the Hitachi out with Clips4Sale, who is our partner at our booth and things like that. Ashley Fires was on that side and Missy Rhodes was on the other side and we just had so much fun together. Us girls just really had a blast in Toronto and did it right.

!cid_image001_jpg@01CEC93CVery cool – it’s good to hear the event went well. As you said, many people who attended may have been nervous or apprehensive, but it’s nice that they became more comfortable as time went on.

Oh, completely – yes! They were walking out with their black bags … you don’t know the goodies that they bought, but you know that they have some good toys in there – good lingerie, a signed picture by me so they can get thirty minutes free of my movies through HotMovies.com. I also do phone sex with Talk to Me Now, so they also got a ten-dollar coupon, so you know they were extremely happy.

I’ve gotten a lot of E-mails from the fans – the fans were really amazing. As you know, I took a hiatus from the industry, so I’ve been back eight months now and it’s just really been fantastic. The fans have really opened their arms up to me and welcomed me back, and just so happy for me to be there. They bought me gifts, they would buy me lunch, they bought me sodas – they really took care of me and I appreciate that. That shows the appreciation that they have for me and the things that I give to them. So, it’s very cool.

Absolutely. And that actually parlays into my next question: As you mentioned, you took a break from the business for a while. Can you tell us what was behind your decision to return to the industry?

Sure. What made me come back to the industry … as you know, I left the industry because I was with a guy and it just didn’t work out how I thought it would. And that’s okay – life brings us different avenues and different things. I’m happy that I created such a wonderful brand as Sunny Lane Enterprises, Inc. that my fans, when I left, they were totally distraught (Laughs) – I think everybody was. I mean, even Ron Jeremy – now he’s letting up on me – but he was really giving me a third rashing for leaving him; he was really upset that I left.

I really see that even though I was so busy and I was working crazy hours and pushing really hard for my company and being in the industry to make a big name for myself – a brand, because I wanted to be a big star in this industry and not just a girl. It was kind of good that I got the break because I got to calm down a little bit. I wasn’t so gung-ho about business, business, business; I got to enjoy life as well and now that I’ve come back, everybody has really opened their arms up to me and I’m really happy to be Sunny Lane. I love being an actress, I love being a performer, an entertainer, someone who knows how to turn people on. I love to command a crowd. It’s just like when I was back in ice skating – it feeds that thrill factor deep inside me.

So, I’m happy to shoot movies – I’ve only shot two movies since I’ve been back – and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Vegas, I’m their resident porn star, so now all my fans are able to come and see me there. This go-round I’m trying not to travel as much as I did because I think I wore myself out a little bit (Laughs), you know?

Sure. Have you enjoyed your time back thus far and have things been going well?

You know, I have to say I’ve really enjoyed my time being back in the business. As you know, in my career, I’ve always picked and chosen my projects that I’ve been involved with. So, I turn down more than I actually bring in. I only shot about maybe 10-15 movies a year before, and now, I’ve been back eight months and I’ve shot two movies and I’m working on my website shooting content for that, being connected with that and being connected with all my fans in that whole other way because even (during) that break that I took, the industry has changed immensely with the whole condom law to people messing up their test and screwing the industry over. I got back in like right at that time with the whole syphilis thing, and so I was being cautious on what I actually shot because with me, I have a unique story by being a working girl, being a dancer and being a porn star, an adult film actress. So, I’ve seen it from all aspects where I would get tested almost every single week because of the things I was doing, and then other people are not taking that concern into mind about other people and what they are doing in their own recreational time to what they are bringing into the business.

I look at us as a whole and a business and I don’t just look at myself, I look at everybody else, too. So, when that went down, that was super scary. And now that somebody just came in with HIV and AIM is not around anymore – which is unfortunate – I’m just more cautious, I guess you could say, and I’m more aware and wiser(Laughs) being back in the business and I’m glad I really took my time coming back. I didn’t just jump back in with both feet.

By doing what we do, we really share ourselves in a whole other light with the world and you have to be connected. And so, I’m glad that people were patient – and they are patient with me – and I’m finding my way now, I’m finding my new avenues on this Sunny Lane 2.0, so to speak.

Excellent. And did you want to touch on last weekend’s fetish ball as well – sorry, I didn’t mean to jump ahead there. (Laughs)

No worries, no worries. So, the fetish ball, I was signing at the Hustler booth there. As you know, I’m the resident porn star, so they had me up on the JumboTron and I was getting crazy with the clowns that we had in. It was just a real blast to be in the fetish world, to go from the sex convention to the fetish convention – it was awesome! My sex drive has just been off the charts; I’ve been so horny, I’ve been masturbating and having sex just non-stop. (Laughs) It even geared me up.

But yeah, it was really great. It was held at the Hard Rock Casino here in Las Vegas and I got to meet my fans there and everybody was all dressed up. I was a little sexy fox; it was a pink little outfit, super cute, and everybody was wanting to come and pet me and I was purring. I lost my voice, so I couldn’t talk very much, but it was great.

We had a fun time. We are shooting a reality show for the club, so we’re getting all of it on tape as well. And it’s fun to see my friends; Joslyn James, she was there and we were the hosts of the party, and the cute little Pippi Longstocking from the movie back in the day who has the new sex tape out.

We went on the roof of the Hustler Club because it’s three stories … it’s the most beautiful and best club ever in Vegas. It really is so beautiful. Harry Mohney and Larry Flynt really took their time on this club. So, we went up to the roof level and you could see all of Vegas – the whole skyline of Vegas. They have this awesome round couch in the corner and we’re just out in the open, you see the stars above our heads and the moon, and we’re all just being sexy-fied and getting turned on. Pippi Longstocking is like, “Oh, this is getting too hot for me – I gotta go!” (Laughs) It was really fun.

!cid_image001_jpg@01CEAE3FOne of the films you have shot since returning is Will Ryder’s major parody production, Love Boat XXX. Can you talk about that movie and your role in it?

Absolutely! Love Boat XXX was awesooome! Will Ryder and Scott David really know how to cast for their movies. They’ve always been so right on the money, so to speak. They’ve always told me, “We’re going to have an awesome, awesome project for you,” and they wouldn’t tell me what it was. And then they came up with Love Boat. Better yet, I’m like Julie McCoy – I look like her, I act like her because I’m bubbly and happy and fun and just naturally goofy. So, when they asked me to do this role, I felt very honored and blessed and was ready to take it on full steam ahead. And I did. I was hoping (Will) would put a big orgy scene, but he said we weren’t able to do it at that time.

I have one sex scene in the movie. It’s a three-way: a boy/girl/girl and it’s with Seth Gamble and Penny Pax and myself, of course.

It’s fun, it’s bubbly. I actually just watched the movie the other day with my website members atSunnyLaneLive.com on my camshow – every Wednesday at 6 p.m. – and we enjoyed it together. It was really cool – it looks like the real T.V. show.

I nailed it. Will Ryder was really impressed with my acting skills and what I brought to the table. My suit was dead-on for how Julie McCoy looked – I had my nametag that said “Julie McCoy.” They put me in a wig – a feathered wig (Laughs) – which was hilarious, and I had a tan as well for this movie. So, you’re actually going to see Sunny Lane with a tan. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Very cool.

Yeah, super cool. I love being on set and being surrounded by people of the industry. We’re so open and free with who we are and what we’re about and the camaraderie is like no other. It’s very, very cool and you don’t ever want it to end.

You also recently appeared in a mainstream film – Don Jon with Joseph-Gordon Levitt?

That’s right! Yes, what an honor. Okay, let me tell you the story: When it was about to come out, it was showing the previews on television and I just got back in town because I was doing something – it’s been a really busy month for me. I was at the Sex Awards show down in L.A. – I was nominated for two awards, for website girl and for Batgirl XXX. I came back and saw what was going on and I was like, “Oh, my gosh. I feel so honored if he was watching my movie.” Just truly blessed.

Two days later, my girlfriend calls me from New York and says, “Hey, girl, I just saw this mainstream movie called Don Jon and I believe it was you that they showed first.” And I was like, “What? I’m not in no movie. What are you talking about?” So, I looked it up on the Internet and I put in “Don Jon,” caption “Sunny Lane” and it popped up that I’m in this mainstream movie. And it said, “Keep your eyes open for Sunny Lane, Alexis Texas and more,” Misty Stone and a bunch more who were in it. I was jumping up and down and dancing and singing with my girlfriend – she got the big “Hurrah!” with me! (Laughs)

I called (Will Ryder) immediately. I was like, “Oh, my gosh, (Will)! Can you believe this? I’m in this movie! I can’t believe it! I‘m so honored!” (Laughs)

(Laughs) So you didn’t know originally that you were featured in the movie?

No, I didn’t know that because the clips that they used were from Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses 13, my AVN award-winning anal scene for 2009 with Manuel Ferrara. So, they used that scene and … have you seen the movie?

No, I haven’t.

Okay, so I’ll give you a brief description. You know the premise of the movie: he’s a guy who’s addicted to Internet porn. He has sex with girls – that’s why they call him “Don Jon” – but he doesn’t have that connection. So, he’s watching my movie when he’s asking the pinnacle question, “Are Internet girls’ blowjobs better?” And when he says that, it flips to my scene with my tongue as long as the giraffe on the theater screen – because I went to go see it in the theater. It was awesome. And then he says, “Are girls better on the Internet that do anal?” And then it shows to my ass. And then it flips back and he’s asking more questions and it flips back to my scene. And it shows me having sex on the big theater screen. I was on there for at least a good minute long and they flipped back and forth to my screen like eight times – five to eight pieces.

They used me as the first girl out of the industry. Out of all the girls that they could have chosen – from contract girls to Jesse Jane to jessica drake to Jenna Jameson – all these big stars that I look up to, they could have chosen them. And they didn’t – they chose me. I was so honored and so blessed and just totally thrilled.

When (Levitt) walks in to the club where he’s actually going to meet Scarlett Johansson – who is the star of the movie with him – she kind of looks like me in my Big Wet Asses 13 movie. I’ve got my curly hair, I’ve got my cute little cheeks that perk up and she’s got the same exact look. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” So, then he starts hooking up with her and they ask the questions and it flips back and forth to other girls in the movies.

To be in a big mainstream movie like that and to be recognized in general is huge. They put my name in the credits, they put Elegant Angel’s name in the credits. As you know, that’s my one and only anal scene in the business and I won the AVN for it for 2009, which was totally spectacular, and I’m still reaping the rewards for it.

I wish I could have been at the premiere and actually got to stand on the red carpet and meet Joseph-Gordon Levitt. I wish they would have called us; I think that would have been a nice gesture at least. But I guess it is what it is and I will see him one day (Laughs) and just let him know, “You should have invited me.” (Laughs)

(Laughs) Yeah, absolutely.

It’s okay – they put my name in the credits, so I’ve actually got a SAG credit.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Oh, that’s way cool because I’m crossing over, too. I’ve always wanted to cross over and I’ve done many projects in the mainstream world with ABC Primetime and Tribute to Big Red and done a lot of scary movies and things like that.

I’m an actress. I love being an actress, I love being on that big screen and I love people feeling my sunshine and how I can connect with the world. It makes me feel good – it feeds my soul.

BWppxvLCYAAtrqyTerrific. You also have experience directing in addition to hosting your own radio program for a time on Spice Radio/SiriusXM. Are those two things something you are interested in pursuing once again down the road and what are some of your overall aspirations for your career this time around?

That’s a good question. You know, I love radio. I started on KSEX. I got my real start, Playboy Radio is the one that found me – Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath back in the day.

I love radio. I love being able to talk to the public, getting deep and dark and sexy and sensual, and turning people on. Right now, there isn’t anything in the works to do radio. I’m doing tons of interviews right now and things like that. But what my aspirations are right now are getting Sunny Lane back out there in a good light. I’ve shot two movies this year, I’m working on my website shooting SunnyLaneLive.com and I actually want to get more in-depth to where I am shooting and directing more for my site.

What I’m noticing right now in the business is there’s not a lot of big stars anymore. And the stars that are around, where we are making our money is the Internet – being connected with our fans that want one-on-oneness.

I’m building a new site as we speak right now, I’m shooting new content every single week. I’m focusing right now on solo girl stuff just to get my feet wet again because once you get out of the business for a minute and you literally slow the fuck down (Laughs) – I was on the speeding train and I stepped off and slowed down – you gotta get your gears spinning again, you gotta get your conditioning back up and you gotta get back in the groove, literally, with the business and everything. So, having that said, I’m conditioning again and building myself and not putting too much pressure on myself, either, but having fun in the same process.

A new project that I’m doing with HotMovies is called Talk to Me. It’s a phone sex line that I’m actually starting next month. So, instead of doing a radio broadcast, I’m going to do phone sex. So, people can call me and they can have phone sex with me, they can build a relationship over the phone with me. We can talk about normal things. Sometimes, the people just want to communicate with me about what is going on in their lives and they need to hear it from a neutral standpoint – maybe how to handle a situation or no matter what it is: from life, girls, sex, anything, they can ask me. So, I’m focusing on doing the phone sex, which is new and vivacious, which I’m excited about.

Also now, Harry Mohney and Larry Flynt just made me the resident porn star at the Larry Flynt Hustler Club here in Las Vegas. As you know, I used to be at the Bunny Ranch. I’m not at the Bunny Ranch anymore, so all of my fans can come and see me in Las Vegas at the Hustler Club. And what we’re doing there is we’re making porn star packages and we have different levels of packages where people can come and get their one-on-one experience with me at the Hustler Club in Vegas. So, people are sending me E-mails, I’m getting them set up with rooms and making sure that they are getting taken care of when they are here in Vegas. The Hustler Club will send a limo for them and pick them up, they have a certain time, an appointment with me, just like up at the Bunny Ranch and I put on a show. And I love doing that.

I’m really working at the club almost five to six days a week right now and I’m doing my website. I’m shooting content for that, I have my camshow every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Pacific and I have a loyal legion of fans that are totally spectacular and I love them so much. They have been with me for eight years, since the very beginning.

So, I’m focusing on that and I’m also focusing on … you know, I really want to keep crossing over. So, I’m getting all my SAG and AFTRA all put together out here because they do have it in Vegas as well and I’m still keeping my options open for Los Angeles to go back and shoot things there.

So, I have a lot on my plate. I’m focused in a lot of areas on being connected with the fans and getting me out there in a good, positive way and that they can come and have fun with me and experience me as well.

Very cool.

Yeah. I want to be able to shoot features on my website, you know? Like little vignettes and things like that, so instead of shooting for a lot of companies, I’m sort of just shooting my own stuff, which is nice considering everything that has been going down. (Laughs)

Yeah, I’m sure it’s nice to be in control of yourself with all the issues popping up.

Yeah, and then I own all my own material and I own the content.

Yeah, that, too.

So, get ready, world – my next anal scene is going to be for my website. I’m planning for it. I wish I could have got some things done earlier, but I don’t want to put it out there yet. But I have some things that are coming out in the future that I think people are really going to take hold of.

Oh, and then the other thing that I’m doing – gosh, I’m doing like six things right now – I’m also in school to be a loveologist/sexologist through Ava Cadell of the University of Loveology. Do you know who she is?

I’ve heard of her.

Cool. So, she’s taken me under her wing. Harry Mohney is good friends with her. There is also a college out here for sexual well-being. So, that’s really one of my main focuses that I had even before I retired and now that I’ve come back from my hiatus. I have the education from being a working girl, from being an adult film actress, from being a dancer, from being an entertainer. I’ve got hands-on experience, so that’s why I was saying with the phone sex – people can really ask me anything and I’m there for them.

Even at the club, people come in and see me and sometimes we just get into really deep conversations. They need somebody to talk to and they need some other answers, and I give them answers and they E-mail me back and tell me how it worked out for them, which is really cool – I feel like I’m a healing human.

I’m a Pisces, so I think that’s why Ron Jeremy loves doing what he does, too, and Nina Hartley. They are my mentors and they’re both Pisces, and so am I. So, I think that’s why we love being connected with the fans and the people and being human, and we’re healers.

!cid_ii_13b202bbd2889d18Yeah, absolutely.

I think it’s kind of deep. (Laughs) So, it’s deeper than just having sex, you know? People turn to us for certain things and that’s why (while) Don Jonwas a really good movie, I wish he would have touched on the psyche part a little bit more, because the psyche part is so important with sex, love, passion, endurance for thyself. We really do connect with people and there is a … I wouldn’t say an addictiveness to it, but there is a connection to it and there has to be a boundary for when people know that connectiveness.

That’s why I’m giving (fans) these options now. They see me on these movies, I’ve been at the Bunny Ranch. Well, now they can come and see me at the Hustler Club and they are able to have that one-on-one with me.

An then, too, with the loveology and sexology, there is so much I want to do there. I just love helping. As you know, I was a yoga and pilates instructor. When I was younger, I owned my own business at the ice skating rink. So, I really feel like I’m continuing on what I did in my past and bringing it to light in the future and having a career for myself where I can have longevity and spread happiness and love.

That’s always a great goal to have.

Right? And I’m able to still fulfill my soul because it makes me whole and happy that I can do that for people. They come to me for entertainment, they come to me for that fantasy.

That’s why I think Twitter takes away from the whole fantasy about it now. I don’t know if you follow me on Twitter, but if you do, I don’t get on there a lot. I still want that unattainableness and I don’t want everybody knowing where I am every second. I don’t want that. I am a superstar. I have a life – I’m not saying that people don’t have a life – but I think that people can get addicted to Twitter, too. You have to keep an illusion, you have to keep that unattainableness.

Like these conventions – I’ve done four conventions this year, which has been just awesome. When people come to see me, they wait in line for thirty minutes to see me and they bring me gifts and they show me love, and I show them love and I give them special gifts.

So, it feels good that I’m appreciated the way that I am. I made a huge name for myself, I’ve really recognized that. I’ve been through a lot in the business, I’ve worked my ass off and I’ve always wanted to be recognized on that higher ranking. I looked up to Jenna Jameson and I wanted to follow in her footsteps and I believe I have. And I am still.

AVN said to me at the lingerie convention last month that I should be the role model for the industry because I’m not on drugs, I’m focused, I’m a businesswoman. I care about what I’m doing – I’m not just doing the bigger, the better. It doesn’t work like that, but everybody in the industry thinks it does. But it doesn’t. So, for me, less is more.

I appreciate the new AVN telling me that. I’m happy where I am and I’m happy that I can do this. I got to host Nudes-A-Poppin’ with Ron Jeremy this year and Phil Varone and John Popper from Blues Traveler. That was back in June, I believe. It was my hat-trick time, it was my third time and John Popper’s third time as well.

So, we just had a kick-ass time. Ron Jeremy plays the harmonica, so him and Popper just started playing their harmonicas and it’s actually on my website where you can see the video. And they were just having so much fun. I loved being out in the open and the nude, I was so happy to be back in the industry and to fulfill my free-as-a-bird-type deal.

We’re so comfortable with ourselves and we do like to share ourselves with the world. And it feels good to do that. I’ve never done it before, but I went all around the pool area, gave all the fans naughty photos – I didn’t show my pussy at all, I only showed my breasts – got up on the pole, where no other star has ever done that for Nudes-A-Poppin’ for all the years they have been doing it. And then I went and did a private photo shoot just for the V.I.P. members that came from all over the world – Europe, Japan, Canada, they came from all over the world. I gave them a V.I.P. photo shoot where I actually did show my pussy and I got a little wild for them.

And so, I believe the second round of Sunny Lane 2.0, I’m a little bit more free. I’m not as reserved as I used to be. I don’t think I was ever really reserved before, but I really appreciate my fans and I wanted them to know how much I appreciated them, their support and their love. I just wanted to give something back to them.(Laughs)

It was really cool. They let me do dances in my trailer, naughty pictures and I really love the Ponderosa Nudes-A-Poppin’; it’s one of my favorite venues that I love to go and perform at and also represent them as well.

So, I did that this year. I went to AVN – that was my come-out – with HotMovies. I did Exxxotica in Atlantic City, which was off the chain, and now I just did Toronto as well.

And now, we’re all getting ready for the nominations this year for AVN and XBIZ and for AVN coming up in January, where I’ll be signing again for HotMovies, my Sunny Lane VOD site. (Laughs) My whole year is getting planned out – even for my next year, which is really cool. It’s nice.

I’m just trying not to overwork myself this time. I think last time I kind of overdid it a little bit. I just wanted to do it all. And I look at Ron Jeremy – he’s my mentor – and I realize I need to slow down a little bit.

I was down in February when he had his heart attack, I was down in New Orleans. Hustler brought me out there – I was there for Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl. I was their headliner at the Hustler Club. I was there when that whole thing went down with Ron and I was the liaison between a lot of people communicating with him.

One of his best friends and my really good friend, a good doctor that we know, he was there. He flew in from Miami to be with Ron, so I knew Ron was being taken care of. And I was trying to tell people not to go to the hospital because they were bringing him candy and all this stuff he can’t eat. He just really needed to relax.

Having that said and having seen what Ron has gone through … he spent my birthday with me and my family. I had a small birthday this year; my birthday is in March and it was nice and quaint. That was really important to me because he really is my best friend and I love that man. I would do anything for him. I tell him all the time, “I would have your babies,” and I don’t tell that to anyone. He is the only person I have ever said that to and it’s the truth. So, I’m thankful that I’m able to sign with him at HotMovies. We have such a great relationship.

I’ve been telling AVN and people like that … I’m trying to get Ron and I to host the awards show. We had an awards show in Atlantic City this year and they gave Ronnie an award. It was myself, Nina Hartley and Ed Powers that got to present the award to him – he wasn’t there, he couldn’t travel yet. That was the Atlantic City Exxxotica. And so, I got to say up on stage, “If it wasn’t for Ron being the force in this industry and being the face of this industry, we would not be where we are today. It’s not Jenna Jameson, it’s not Tera Patrick – it’s Ron Jeremy!” And everybody stood up and clapped. And it’s true: he is the face of our industry and I don’t think they give him due credit that he does deserve.

The Sex Awards – the old AVN – they put the show on and they did a tribute to him. But it wasn’t a tribute. He sat right next to me and he’s watching the video and it was just about the fans making fun of him. Yes, we understand that Ronnie is “The Hedgehog.” Yes, we understand that Ron is who he is – he wears sweatpants. Why? Because he likes to whip his cock out. It’s easy access (Laughs) – just like skirts with us and no panties.

Ron is Ron and we love him for who he is and not for what he is. But I don’t think they showed him in the right light and I really hope that AVN, this year, gives him the due credit that he definitely does deserve because if he hadn’t been pushing for all the mainstream stuff, this industry wouldn’t be looked at like we are today.

d031ffeb08ca6e5090c315a59505b684To wrap, are there any further current or upcoming projects you would like to mention or anything you wish to say in closing to readers?

Definitely. My first movie that I shot when I came back was for Mile High. James Avalon directed it and it’s called The Stripper, Volume 2. I’m married to the owner of a strip club – go figure, right up my alley (Laughs). I do two feature performances with my costumes and everything in this movie – which is everything I do at the Hustler Club in Vegas, which is awesome.

I do two sex scenes in this movie – two boy/girl scenes. They are so passionate and so hot that Mile High said that they want to use my scene with Mr. Pete as the staple scene for the rest of the scenes that they want everybody to model after. So, I was very honored in that aspect to come back and I really laid it down, so to speak. We made love, we had sex, we fucked. It was intense, passionate and the acting was really, really good in this movie.

James Avalon, I’ve shot so many movies with him, whether it was She Bangs!Sex PixRoller Dollz with Bree Olson. He knows how to push my acting ability and take me to that next level. And he really did.

So, my first movie after my hiatus was Stripper 2. I challenged myself and showed myself that I can do anything and that I am an accomplished actress and I am meant to be in this business. So, that was really cool.

New projects that I’m working on … I kind of covered everything that I’m focused on right now and where I’m going. I do yoga every day, I get down time for myself. There does come a balance with it all. And I’m really thankful to be teamed up with great people in the business and I like to represent myself in a beautiful way and I’m happy to be out there with the fans.

Some big movies that I’ve done … Alice and The Flying Pink Pig with Erica McLean – she’s a wonderful director and I absolutely love her – and anybody can see those movies on SunnyLaneVOD.com and Flight Attendantsand Not Bewitched XXX with (Will Ryder).

I feel blessed to be part of Don Jon and coming back and to be recognized how I’ve been recognized. And I just hope to do more and spread more happiness and sunshine.

Excellent. I want to thank you for being so generous with your time in chatting with me tonight. It’s nice to hear that things are going well since your return and that you are happy and in a good place. I wish you continued success moving forward.

You are so very welcome. And thanks again, Adam – you are just great. Thanks for the past interviews we have done and I look forward to talking to you again in the future. Have a great day.

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